Cthulhu leather mask

Cthulhu leather mask

Lovecraftian leather Cthulhu mask with tentacles. This beautiful mask is entirely handmade from my own design. Each cthulhu mask i make is slightly different, and stains are blended just for that mask, so you’re guaranteed a one of a kind.

The leather has been hand cut and the edges slicked, the surface and tentacles are hand tooled for an underwater monster leather look. Sections are riveted together with high quality nickle rivets and proper setters, the piece is then sculpted over the course of many hours, then the adjustable straps and buckle are riveted in place.

Once dry and set, I use custom blended organic stains (in this case, the piece is a very strange swampy grey green taupe kinda colour! Finally, the mask is finished with a water based sealant for leather, and the forehead/nose are lined inside with felt for comfort.

This mask should fit most anyone comfortably, the leather is flexible and can be gently manupulated to fit the way you’d like.

Care: Do not get your mask wet! a bit of sweat is okay, and should be absorbed by the felt.
If you choose to display your mask, a mannequin head is absolutely best, it will keep the shape and make a beautiful piece of sculptural art!

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