Dark Adventure Radio Theatre The Call of Cthulhu

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: The Call of Cthulhu brings Lovecraft’s tale to life as it might have been adapted for radio in the 1930s. In the style of The War of the Worlds, The Shadow and our own At the Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time and The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre dramatizes HPL’s story with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness). This globe-trotting tale of cosmic horror is one of Lovecraft’s most enjoyed weird tales.

Perhaps you’ve seen our silent film of the same story. Now you can close your eyes and listen as the horror unfolds before you, from the bayous of Louisiana to the remote South Pacific. It’s a whole new way to experience a story cherished by Lovecraft fans as one of his best.

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