cthulhu idol handmade

Hand made Cthulhu idol

Selling handmade and painted Cthulhu idol. Approximately 9″ tall, and weighing about 8lbs. You will receive the following printed information on a COA with the statue.

The original of this cast of a Cthulhu idol was allegedly illicitly acquired in Tibet in 1938, during the Nazi Ernst Schafer/Ahnenerbe-SS expedition. The original was kept in Berlin, under Himmler’s personal auspices, and a few casts were made. The original may have been destroyed during the Allied bombing of Berlin; at any rate, it disappeared, leaving only a couple of casts surviving.

Although this is a modern cast, no responsibility is accepted for any assaults by shoggoths or
Mi-Go that may be experienced by the buyer.

Reproduction of surviving cast, now in Pickering Collection, Miskatonic University.

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