Cthulhu Idol, Lovecraftian horror – Ancient Bronze by SevDesignWorks

Based on sketches and descriptions found in the archives of Miskatonic University library, this appears to be the idol mentioned in the expedition journal of one Dr. Abel Matheson, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1921 while away on an research dig in what is now Turkey.

This strange, malignant statue of a forgotten god stands just under 6″ high. How it ended up in the universities possession (and subsequently here on Etsy) and the true fate of the expedition members remains a mystery, as the only records are Dr. Matheson’s journal entries which become stranger and more unbelievable as they progress (Matheson himself mentions many of the workers succumbing to some kind of delusion or “desert fatigue”, it’s likely he himself contracted the ailment).

Cast in solid Urethane resin and painted an ancient bronze with a green/grey acrylic patina, these are the second run of my Cthulhu idol sculpture. Each is initialed, numbered and dated on the underside (You will receive the lowest numbered figure available at the time of your order. The batch was a total of 4 castings). Looks great sitting next to your copy of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, or perched on your desk creeping out your co-workers.

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