Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt

NEW and IMPROVED! When they found the horribly mangled bodies of Professor Lake and the other scientist of the 1931 Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition, they might well have been wearing stylish sweatshirts like these beneath their ripped and blood-soaked parkas.


The HPLHS Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt features the MU Biology Dept. logo (click to see artwork detail) on the front and the large expedition logo on the back of this hooded, thermal lined, zip-up sweatshirt. The fabric is cocoa brown with thick fleece-like lining. The sweatshirt is high-quality, with double stitched cuffs and waistband, dual pockets, and a drawstring hood. It’s really a very nice sweatshirt – we’re not just saying that. It was our best-selling product when introduced at MythosCon in 2011.

This stylish and comfortable garment may not keep you alive in gale-force Antarctic winds when Elder Things attack… but then, what will? It will keep you warm and cozy and subtly celebrate your bizarre taste in literature.

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