Monster Stands - for Arkham Horror

Monster Stands – for Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror

Finally! We proudly present the definitive stand to use for monster tokens in Arkham Horror (and now Eldritch Horror!). More economical (and easier to find in stock) than collecting all the miniatures, and unlike some other brands, these won’t bend, pinch, squeeze, dent, or damage your tokens. We also took extra care not to obscure any of the text or icons on the tokens, so you won’t have to remove them to read everything. In addition, we know that some gamers like to “sleeve” their tokens in coin wallets, so we made sure to allow enough room to use those as well.

We’ve also tested these quite a bit in our own games and unless you actually have tentacles in place of hands (which is totally fine, and perfectly normal, and doesn’t frighten me at all), you should be able to move these around normally without having to worry about the token falling out. And if you like, these should also work for your investigator tokens.

We offer the monster stands in sets of 6 or 12 – if you want multiple colors, please order a separate bundle for each color (e.g. if you want 6 green stands and 6 smoke, place the order for two sets of 6 – not one set of 12). Yes, it’s a little more expensive to order that way, but that’s because it costs us a bit more in the long run to produce partial sets.

These are made from the same plastic as our gate stands (check out our other listings!), and we offer a variety of colors. If you’d like a color we don’t have listed, just get in touch and we’ll set up a custom order – please note there may be a small additional fee for alternate colors to cover the cost of dye.

The usual disclaimer if you’re unfamiliar with us: As these are handmade, not mass-produced (we’re literally two guys pouring molds at the kitchen table), a few tiny flaws, bubbles, or “flash” is normal – personally, we like this as it guarantees that no two pieces will be exactly the same, and we do guarantee that all stands will be functional and as close to the product as pictured as reasonably possible – we will never intentionally ship a piece that we wouldn’t be proud to have on our own table.

A note for those who use coin sleeves on their tokens: you might find that they’re pretty wibbly-wobbly when you first put them in the stands. While we sculpted these around sleeved tokens, a little excess plastic tends to build up during the casting process in the “groove” where the seam on the plastic sleeve sits, keeping it from fitting as snugly as it should. There’s an easy fix if you run into this – take an Xacto knife and gently run the blade through the deepest part of the groove a few times. The tokens should stay in place much better afterward.

We’re really proud of these and look forward to adding even more theme to your table!

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