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The Little Magical Circus Tarot – Major Arcana

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Arcana Saurus, Major Arcana


🦕🔮 Discover the mystic world of divination with a twist! Introducing the “Arcana Saurus” Tarot Deck—a truly unique blend of ancient wisdom and prehistoric wonders.

A unique Major Arcanum created by Kmonvish Lawan with much love for Dinosaurs. Limited edition.

This tarot deck comes with 22 cards (minor arcana) in standard tarot size and high quality German stock paper (320 gsm with linen finish).

Hurry! only 1 left in stock.
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🦕🔮 Discover the mystic world of divination with a twist! Introducing the “Arcana Saurus” Tarot Deck—a truly unique blend of ancient wisdom and prehistoric wonders. 🌟

Unearth the secrets of the tarot with a fascinating fusion of dinosaurs and mystical symbolism. Each beautifully illustrated card transports you to a time when colossal creatures roamed the earth, infusing every reading with primal energy and captivating imagery.

🌿 Crafted with attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind deck merges the wisdom of the tarot with the awe-inspiring majesty of dinosaurs, creating a powerful tool for introspection, guidance, and self-discovery.

🔍 Dive into the rich symbolism of each card. The ancient energies of these creatures align seamlessly with the traditional meanings of the tarot, offering a fresh perspective on your spiritual journey.

🎁 Perfect for tarot enthusiasts, dinosaur lovers, or anyone seeking a novel way to explore the mystical realms, the “Arcana Saurus” Tarot Deck makes an exceptional gift that stands out from the rest.

🌟 Embrace the primal forces within and elevate your tarot readings to a whole new dimension with the “Arcana Saurus” Tarot Deck. Grab yours now and embark on a prehistoric journey of self-discovery and ancient wisdom!

✨ Get ready to shuffle, draw, and unleash the power of the past in your readings. Shop now and make every divination session an adventure!

List of cards/dinosaurs:

The Fool / El Loco: Argentinadraco barrealensis
The Magician / El mago: Borealopelta markmitchelli
The Highpriestess / La Suma Sacerdotisa: Monolophosaurus jiangi
The Empress / La Emperatriz: Maiasaura peeblesorum
The Emperor / El Emperador: Tiranosaurio rex
The Hierophant / El Hierofante: Cryolophosaurus ellioti
The Lovers / Los amantes: Dracorex hogwartsia
The Chariot / El carro: Pachyrhinosaurus mitisaura
Justice / Justicia – Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus
The Hermit / El Ermitaño – Therizinosaurus cheloniformis
The Wheel of Fortune / Rueda de la fortuna: Velociraptor mongolianensis y Torvosaurus gurneyi
The Strength / Fuerza: Diplodocus carnegii & Darwinopterus modularis
The Hanged Man / El ahorcado: Yi qi
Death / Muerte: Archaeopteryx albersdoerferi
The Devil / El Diablo: Carnotaurus sastrei
The Tower / La Torre: Inostrancevia alexandri
The Start / La estrella: Olorotitan arharensis
The Moon / La Luna: Bajadasaurus pronuspinax y Shanweiniao cooperorum
The Sun / El Sol: Amargasaurus cazaui
Judgement / Juicio: Prorotodactylus mirus
The World / El Mundo: Oviraptor philoceratops

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