Russian Cthulhu Amulet

Most of the time the HPLHS only sells items we make or directly commission, but every now and then we find something so cool, we have to make it available to you.

This amulet is made by an artist in Russia with extraordinary detail and workmanship. The entire amulet is made of sterling silver, ringed in 5 micron thick plating of 24k gold. One side features Cthulhu with the words “Cthulhu Fhtagn!” rendered in cyrillic. The reverse side is a complex occult symbol that even we haven’t figured out yet. The bezel of the amulet is ringed with tiny lettering (we’ll let you discover what it says). There are other mysteries embedded in the artwork which should keep the cryptographers among you entertained. It’s really nice. You want one of these.


The Cthulhu amulet is suitable to be worn as a pendant on an everyday basis or you can just crack it out for special occult ceremonies. Please be aware it is small (a little bigger and thicker than a US quarter), but that’s part of what makes the workmanship so extraordinary. The amulets are rather difficult to get and we import them in small quantities from the Russian Federation.

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