The Whisperer in Darkness Poster

Imagine an alternate universe just like ours – except that instead of being a reclusive and unknown Providence author of weird tales, H.P. Lovecraft has written 1931’s next blockbuster horror film. The Whisperer in Darkness poster hangs outside the local bijou and folks are lining up to get tickets.
We’re pleased to offer our the poster are for HPLHS Motion Pictures’ release of The Whisperer in Darkness. The movie’s promoted in the grand style of 1930s movie posters, complete with matinee idol Matt Foyer and Mi-Go! Our own Andrew Leman and Darrell Tutchton joined forces to create this striking poster image.

When we made our Call of Cthulhu movie poster, you said “make it bigger and cheaper to frame!” We heard you. The Whisperer poster is 24×36″ (roughly 61x91cm for you metric types) – that’s nearly triple the size of our other posters. It’s a standard frame size in the USA and ships worldwide in a sturdy mailing tube.

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